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Welcome to Astraguru, Nepal's premier online platform that seamlessly connects individuals with experienced astrologers, embracing the ancient science of astrology to provide insights and guidance for life's challenges.

As a dedicated team of professionals, we believe in the transformative power of astrology and its ability to offer clarity during uncertain times.

Astraguru serves as a bridge between the rich tradition of Nepali astrology and modern technology, offering personalized consultations and resources tailored to your needs.

Whether you seek answers about relationships, career, health, or more, our platform offers private and cost-effective solutions, ensuring that you receive authentic guidance from skilled astrologers. Join us on a journey of self-discovery and illumination with Astraguru – your trusted celestial guide in Nepal.


Why we do it?

We are driven by a deep passion to make the profound wisdom of astrology accessible and impactful in Nepal. Our mission is to empower individuals with insights, guidance, and a connection to their cultural heritage. Through Astraguru, we aim to bring clarity and direction to people's lives, fostering growth and resilience.



Astraguru envisions seamlessly merging Nepal's rich astrological heritage with technology, empowering individuals with transformative insights and cultural connections.



Astraguru democratizes astrology, offering personalized consultations, resources, and community, fostering personal growth, cultural appreciation, and enriched lives.

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Here is a simple and easy steps you can follow in order to communicate with our astrologers.

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About Us

Jyotish Bigyan presents a platform collaborating with professional astrologers for those who believe in astrology.

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